Thursday, April 29, 2010

Out and About

"Out and about" is a Canadianism. Friends in the States inevitably tease us when we say it ("oot and aboot?," they ask). Yeah, it gets old... Anyway, here are a few of my recent essays, articles, and reviews from around the web that might be of interest:
  • "Practice Overload? A Response to Willimon" at the Duke Divinity Call & Response blog--responding to Willimon's recent recantation of practice-talk.
  • "Whose Rome? Which Catholicism?," a review of Francis Beckwith's Return to Rome, over at The Other Journal
  • "Making Sense of Church," with my friend and sociology colleague Mark Mulder, in Perspectives (March 2010). This makes the case for a "Chalcedonian" approach to congregational studies, integrating theology and sociology to understand the church.
  • My poem, "We Learn to Love," won 2nd place in the Comment magazine rondeau competition (focused on the theme of education) last fall, and is now available online.