Monday, January 18, 2010

Reviews and Interviews: DTK Around the Web

My latest book, Desiring the Kingdom, has been generating some discussion and garnering a bit of attention over the past couple of weeks. I'm grateful for these engagements as they've helped me pinpoint some lacunae in my account, and exchanges have provided a welcome opportunity to make some clarifications. So readers might be interested in following up on some of these since they function as "supplements" to the book, in a way. Here's a sampling:

Reviews and E-interviews
  • The most recent issue of the Christian Scholar's Review (Winter 2010) features a review symposium on Desiring the Kingdom, including a response from me entitled, "From Christian Scholarship to Christian Education." This was a very rich exchange for me. Unfortunately, the full text is not available online, but you might check local libraries.
  • Evangelical wunderkind Matthew Anderson wrote a robust review of the book at Evangel, one of the blogs over at First Things (which generated a little exchange with Francis Beckwith which I hope might continue in other places). And they were kind enough to let me write a brief response there as well. (Agent Smith responding to Mr. Anderson! ;-) And now Mr. Anderson has just posted a reply to my response.
  • And Trevin Wax, the blogger behind Kingdom People, conducted an e-interview with me that helped us address some concerns and issues.
Finally, it was a great honor to have an astute reader and bibliophile like Byron Borger name Desiring the Kingdom as his choice for "Most Important Book of the Year" over at Hearts & Minds.